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Nuclear waste around the world.


Coordination nationale des collectifs opposés à
l’enfouissement des déchets radioactifs

Official American DOE website full of informations on nuke situation in general, and waste management in particular, for 24 different countries.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology course about HLW.

The Transportation Resource Exchange Center (T-REX) where you will find the answers to complex questions surrounding radioactive materials transportation ;

Waste Link as it says, linking to other sites on radioactive waste issues.

Radwaste in general, especially in Canada.

Nuclear waste route maps to know if you live near a proposed route to ship radwaste.

Nuclear power and waste.

Support an Independent Review of Radioactive Waste Policy.

Civilian Nuclear Waste Disposal : Congressional Research Service Report #92059.

Nuclear waste in your backyard ?

Ex-USSR Nuclear Technologies.

A possible answer american hydroen association.

Greenpeace : nuclear waste shipment underscore need to halt.

Citizen Alert Works to Assure Public Participation and
Government Accountability on Issues that Affect the Land and People of Nevada (was Nuclear Waste Citizens Coalition).

Protection of the Columbia River from contamination from Hanford, the largest radioactive waste dump in the Unites States.

Virtual Repository Database.

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility Plutonium, radioactive waste issues and CANDU reactors.

About Yucca Mountain

Shundahai Network Native American organization working on nuclear abolition issues, native lands, and against the transportation of radioactive waste and the proposed Yucca Mountain, Nevada high-level dumpsite.Eureka County Nuclear Waste Home Page. Nevada Nuclear Waste Project Office DOE Assessment of Yucca Mountain. American patriot friends network (APFN). Study of nuclear waste of Yucca mountain, Nevada. Geologically Young Hydrothermal Activity and its Implication to the Problem of the High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository. Ground Water at Yucca Mountain : How High Can It Rise ? Cross-Section of Yucca Mountain.Yucca mountain site characterization project. Earthquake could cause flooding of Yucca Mountain repository, courtesy of the University of Colorado.Yucca Mountain Tunnel Breakthrough. Inside Nevada’s Yucca Mountain, a five-mile-long loop tunnel is being bored for what would be the nation’s first permanent nuclear-waste repository. Look inside Yucca Mountain tunnel. The state wants construction stopped and Congress might eliminate funding. Yucca Mountain Seismic Monitoring Station Map. "Putting the [nuclear] waste in our Mother Earth at Yucca Mountain and placing our people and environment at severe risk is unacceptable. To this we say "Not in our mother earth !". Statement from Citizen Alert Native American Program. Technical Bases for Yucca Mountain Standards. Welcome to the Inyo County Yucca Mountain Repository Assessment Office. Quake Peril at N-Waste Site Earth at Mountain Moves Faster Than Earlier Prediction. The Yucca Mountain Environmental Impact Statement Process, a Citizen Alert Factsheet. The governemental Yucca Mountain Project. EPA white paper. The Activist Page of Big Mountain and other activist internet resources

The NWTRB is an independent agency of the U.S. Government. Its sole purpose is to provide independent scientific and technical oversight of the U.S. program for management and disposal of high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel from civilian nuclear power plants

About the proposed Ward Valley, California (US) radioactive waste dump

Earthrunner takes care of Ward Valley. Abalone Alliance website Lots of info on Ward Valley, plus renewable energy, nuclear history and more. See also Ban Waste

Alphacdc, Wildrockies, Greenaction, Shundahai, Ctaz. Tri-Valley CAREs is made by Communities Against a Radioactive Environment. Ban Nuclear Waste Coalition On the proposed dump at Ward Valley, CA and related issues. Sonoma County (California) Free Press Nuclear Notes Info about Ward Valley and more. The Sierra Club’s Nuclear Waste Task Force as it is named... Diane Burton has been fighting the proposed "low-level" radioactive waste dump in Nebraska for a while.

Canadian Nuclear FAQ.

IEER : all about Nuke, and specially classifications of Nuclear Waste (US).

Contaminated Land & Environmental Liability (UK).

Cost Data for Environmental Remediation Technologies (US).

Global Experience in Waste Disposal (IAEA).

Informationskreis Kernenergie (Germany).

International waste management factbook.

John Graham’s Nuclear Page.

LLRW Factsheets (US).

Low Level Radioactive Waste Forum.

Managing Radioactive Waste (IAEA).

NAS Radiation Education Project.

Nuclear Waste in Sweden.

Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board (US).

Nuclear Information.

Open Spatial Decision Making (UK).

Pellrad (US).

Radioactive waste at Russian naval bases.

Richland Environmental Restoration Project (US).

University of California Berkeley - Nuclear Eng Dept.

USDOE Recycling Program.

US NAS Board on Radioactive Waste Management.

The Virtual Nuclear Tourist.