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Save Professor Bandashevsky

Juillet 2001 2001

9 years of research and rigorous experiments at the Gomel Medical Institute and 8 years at a labor camp !

The Russian website of "Save Pf Bandazhevsky."

Professor Bandashevsky has recently been sentenced by the Belarus "justice" system to 8 years at a labor camp. He is not allowed to read or write, and he may only receive three visits from his wife per year. Moreover, during the trial, the witnesses retracted their statements against him, saying that they were made under pressure… What is his "crime" ? 9 years of research and rigorous experiments at the Gomel Medical Institute, which he established and where he was the director until his arrest. He was the first to investigate the destructive effects of low-level radiation from cesium-137 on vital organs of the human body following the Chernobyl disaster. However, for the authorities of Belarus (and for the worldwide nuclear lobby) recognizing the true consequences of this disaster is out of the question.

The only possibility is to press the President of Belarus to grant a pardon. To this end, please send the text below to the President at by with a copy to the coordinator of the action, Solange Fernex at :

Mr. Alexander Lukachenko President of the Republic of Belarus

Re : Request for Presidential Pardon for Professor Yuri I. Bandashevsky


Dear Mr. President,

On the 3rd of July, your country is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its independence.

On this occasion, and to mark this important commemoration, we request that you use your powers to grant a Presidential pardon to Professor Yuri I. Bandashevsky, who was sentenced on 18th June to 8 years at a labor camp, even though he has always denied the charges made against him, and the witnesses have all retracted their statements against him.

A Presidential pardon for Professor Bandashevsky would be welcomed unanimously by people all over the world who desire to help the victims of the Chernobyl disaster, including those in your country, and reduce their suffering. Professor Bandashevsky’s research and other work was always motivated by this fundamental priority.

We look forward to your response,

Yours faithfully

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