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Other websites

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Tout ce qui ne peut pas se caser dans les autres rubriques !


In Brazil, you can get critical informations. And a very good abstract of the situation of the nuclear plants at Angra.


Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice leading role in efforts to stop Cassini. Stop Cassini received the coveted "worst distortion of science award" from some folks who apparently believe plutonium and NASA go together like gin & tonic...whoops ! spilled the glass...oh well, we’ll clean it up in 240,000 years...

Public Shelter Wild and very fun page from the producer of Atomic Cafe.

Multinational Monitor Database on activities (including nuclear-related) of multinational corporations ; back issues of Multinational Monitor magazine.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Reports on media coverage of nuclear issues.

Fernando Gabeira, Brazilian deputy, ex-guerrillero, fighted against the dictature.

Good Money News and information about socially responsible (non-nuclear) investing.

E/The Environmental Magazine Non-profit magazine covering environmental issues and the environmental movement. Contains the full contents of the current issue andback issues.

Corporate Watch is a joint project of Transnational Resource and Action Center and Institute for Global Communications. Here you’ll find a variety of information on corporations and environmental issues, including a good section on how to research corporations.

If you have time to loose to know what the argues of people claiming that they are ecologists FOR nuclear energy (!) can be...