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In Europe

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Des sites sur le nucléaire en Europe

La grande marche, en France : Eté 2018 – Beaumont Hague – Flamanville – Caen – Paris

Wise, World Information Service on Energy, based in Amsterdam. Regularly updated news from around the world. A special section on uranium—mining, processing is readable at Uranium Project.

Wise-Paris has all the information on the plutonium industry : background, maps and figures per country.

European Network Against Depleted Uranium.

Folkakmpanjen mot Karnkraft/Karnvapen Swedish anti-nuclear movement.

Nuclear Information and Resource Service Nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation, and sustainable energy issues.

The Peace Movement of Esbjerg.

International Institute for Energy Conservation

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research increasing public involvement in and control over environmental problems through the democratization of science.

GlasNet is an antinuke group based in Russia, including.

Social Ecological Union, in Russian Language.

Greenpeace campaign for a nuclear free Slovakia.

Global 2000 Information on the slovakian Mochovce reactor and other European environmental issues.

Informations about atome.

Piano About the proposed Temelin reactor in the Czech Republic.

Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Chernobyl Information about the effects of Chernobyl, check out the report by the 1996.

Chelyabinsk, Oural. The most contaminated spot on the planet, after the 1957 accident with radwaste.

No More Chernobyls Information on the worldwide campaign around the Chernobyl 10th anniversary, April 1996.

Chernobyl Children’s Project Workshop Irish group doing a lot to help the victims of Chernobyl. Najmedin Meshkati, engineering professor, proposes an incredible photo of the Chernobyl explosion, infos on Three Mile Island, too. Russian anti-nuclear campaign. The latest in news from the Russian anti-nuclear movement ; with some pages in English.

The Bellona Foundation Norwegian group, working on and radiation contamination in Russia.You can read Alexander Nikitin report on nuclear waste left in the Arctic by submarine accidents. More information on Bellona and Alexander Nikitin is run by the Sierra Club.

N-Base Nuclear Information Service News and analysis primarily on the United Kingdom civil nuclear industry.

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility Plutonium, radioactive waste issues and CANDU reactors.

Info on the German castor transports Photos and documents, section in English. Photos from Gorleben photos from the shipment of six waste casks there in March 1997. Macrocosm Photos, schedule and info on Nuclear Waste Cask tour. German links.

New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution.

In France, apart from Perline’s website (where you are !), look to Sortir du Nucléaire French antinuke network, Comité Stop Nogent is working on the Nogent-sur-Seine NPP, the closest to Paris one, and Stop Civaux on the Civaux NPP, l’Acro, an independant laboratory near to the COGEMA in La Hague, another independant laboratory is CRII-Rad. One more spécific antinuke site, L’écologie sur la toile, about nuclear accidents, personnal website about radioactivity, another interesting personal website with a lot of informations, another personal website from CERN, French anarchist trade union of energy : CNT énergie. A new national young French radio, archives information coming from scientific newspapers, And a "Nuke ennemy" ! Don’t miss informations about Le Blayais accident, at the end of 1999. And the book " La France nucléaire matières et sites 1997 " de Mary Byrd Davis. All about French weapons, including military nuclear waste.

General information about radioactiviy.

France, les déchets nucléaires de haute activité (see France, poubelle nucléaire, de Perline) sont regroupés dans le paragraphe suivant :

About the specific question of HLW deposit (the so called " laboratoires " !) see, in French : un document dénonçant les méthodes de l’ANDRA et des pouvoirs publics concernant les prescriptions relatives au suivi de l’environnement du laboratoire de Bure. Le rapport de la députée Michèle Rivasi sur les "Conséquences des installations de stockage des déchets nucléaires sur la santé publique et l’environnement". " Bien profond ", le bulletin de liaison des sites opposés à l’enfouissement des déchets radioactifs.

Rapport, du 26 juin 2000, de la mission collégiale de concertation Granite, ainsi que ses annexes.

An Italian site on U238 and nuke in general.

The Swiss Contratom association.

Danish environmental NGO OOA - Organisation for Information about Nuclear Power - closed after 26 years of existence ! Its objective has been achieved : Denmark has no nuclear power stations, and is not likely to get any.

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). Nobel Prize winning, works on both nuclear weapons and power, don’t forget to visit the German IPPNW, the French one, called, AMFPGN.

Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s Nuclear section, concentrating on Minnesota reactors.

Nuclear Free Future Award by the 1992 World Uranium Hearing.