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Radioactivité et santé.

European Committee on Radiation Risk (
Comité Européen sur le Risque de l’Irradiation).

Committee for Nuclear Responsibility Non-profit educational group, organized in 1971 to provide independent analyses of sources and health effects of xrays and other ionizing radiations. Contains the pioneering and essential work on radiation hazards conducted by Dr. John Gofman. Free antinuke books.

Very interesting information about radiation and health.

Standing for Truth About Radiation Us group working on low doses issue.

DOE Openness : Human Radiation Experiments. Human Radiation Experiments is a searchable database with over 450,000 pages of historical documents related to experiments conducted at both US government and non-government facilities, beginning in the 1940’s.

Downwinders People who lived downwind of Nevada Test Site during above-ground nuclear testing years.

Sanitary problems around nuke plants.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is part of the World Health Organization.
Another special information (in French) about radon.

A paper on "Strontium-90 in baby teeth as a factor in early childhood cancer".

Depleted uranium
Christian Science monitor spacial feature

Use by NATO of DU

=> Official sources : United Nations, Nato, American Defense Ministry, other from the same, Argonne National Laboratory, Great Britain Ministry of Defense, National Radiological Protection Board (Great Britain), Ministère français de la Défense, Ministère yougoslave des Affaires étrangères. Syndrome de la guerre du Golfe, rapport de l’Assemblée nationale française.

=> Associations : Campaign Against Depleted Uranium, Groupe de recherche et d1information sur la paix et la sécurité (GRIP), Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages, International Action Center, Ligue anti-impérialiste, Military Toxics Project, [EN] National Gulf War Ressource Center, Inc., [FR] Paix 2000, [IT] Peace Link Italia, [EN] Stop Nato, [EN] Swords to Plowshares, [EN] Uranium Medical Project, [EN] Wise Uranium Project.

=> Medias : [EN] BBC, [EN] Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), [EN] Christian Science Monitor, [EN] Cyber Sciences, [EN] Electronic Telegraph, [FR] Le Figaro, [EN] The Guardian, [FR] Le Monde, [EN] Mother Jones, [IT] Sudnews.

=> Rapports de référence
[EN] " Depleted Uranium. A Post-War Disaster for Environment and Health ", Laka Fondation (Report, may 1999), [EN] " The Potential effects on human health and the environment arising. From possible use of depleted uranium during the 1999, Kosovo conflict ", United Nations (Report, october 1999), [IT] " Uranio Impoverito " Peace Link (01/2001).