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Oscar 2004 - Un prix pour un court métrage

Conséquences de Tchernobyl en Bélarus

par Perline
Février 2004 2004

Je ne crois pas avoir entendu parler en France de cet Oscar....

Maryann DeLeo

This is the first Academy Award nomination for Maryann DeLeo.

In Belarus, the country most seriously contaminated by the Chernobyl accident, the terrible effects of adiation are seen in the high levels of cancer, birth defects, and heart conditions suffered by the region’s children.

Discours prononcé lors de la remise de l’Oscar

Thank you.

This is an amazing honor. I feel you’re also honoring the people of Chernobyl, who are suffering the effects of radiation still, 18 years later after the world’s worst accident at the reactor.

I could not have made this film without Adi Roche. She’s up there. She heads the Chernobyl Children’s Project and they are saving lives every day. Adi is a true hero. Sheila Nevins from HBO has been a wonderful mentor and she’s an amazing woman and I wouldn’t be standing here without her.

It’s not easy to stand here. Dr. William Novick also saves the lives of children in Belarus and all over the world with the International Children’s Heart Foundation. Angie Kenny is also here. She’s my friend and worked on the film. And I want to thank her. I want to thank John Custodio, Rogelio Velasco.

I want to thank my mother, who’s here with me tonight. She’s smiling back there. For everything. My father, who’s home in Pearl River. For being there for me. All my brothers and sisters.

I have a big family. I won’t name them all. But they’re all here and I love them all and i thank them for their support.

Thank you very much.

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