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Addresses, weblinks

Antinuke organizations and personalities

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Addresses, weblinks

Kristin Shrader-Frechette has written lots of nuke books, like Nuclear Power and Public Policy, have a look…

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Expert analysis and research on nuclear-related issues.

Physicians for Social Responsibility are based in Washington, DC, can be reached here too.

Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy (LCNP) is a group working at the United Nations in New York.

The Nuclear Resister, information about and support for imprisoned anti-nuclear and anti-war activists.

War Resisters’ International based in London (Britain) is a so old and efficient group, I don’t need to present it !

Citizens Awareness Network New England-based grassroots anti-nuclear group.

20/20 VisionCitizen activism.

Grandmothers for Peace works on just about everything nuclear !

IGC networks Includes EcoNet, PeaceNet, and more. The IGC Toxics & Waste Director is a comprehensive list.

Redwood Alliance Veteran Northern California organization, on nuclear issues and renewable energy.

Earth Island Institute Environmental campaigns.

Indigenous Environmental Network Native American activists working on Tribal lands, including nuclear waste, mining, toxics and more.

St. Joe Valley Greens Radioactive waste transportation and Green politics generally.

Pennsylvania has the 2nd highest number of nuclear reactors next to Illinois and consequently produces the 2nd highest amount of nuclear waste. The state already possesses 922 sites identified by the EPA where radioactive contamination may exist. And don’t forget the Three Mile Island accident ! Here too : Three Mile Island Alert Information on the 1979 Three Mile Island accident.

Hoosier Environmental Council Indiana informations on radioactive waste transportation.

Indian Point Project Alerts and info on national and Indian Point (NY) issues.

New York Green Party Info on MOX, and other nuclear issues of interest to New Yorkers.

The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability.

Citizen Alert About Nevada, which has had to suffer nuclear weapons tests. High-level radioactive waste issues.

Prairie Island Coalition Information about Westinghouse, steam generators, and the Prairie Island reactors.

Friend of Earth in Australia, in Sydney, has a specific nuclear campaign.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee nuclear complex and the myriad of health and environmental problems associated with it.

The NRC is reporting more than 300 positive tests for cocaine abuse by nuclear workers in 1996-1997.

Tennessee Valley Energy Reform Coalition Nuclear weapons machine, production of tritium and MOX fuel.

Forces of Nature is a New England-based grassroots group working against the Seabrook reactor in New-England.

Pictures of Nuclear power plants, as antinuclear visual art, applied photo systems.

Stock photo free of charge.

About Tchernobyl.