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Almost CV

par Perline
Juin 2011 2011

Perline is a female engineer with a PhD in science-technology-society, programmer as well as a Master in law and a scientific journalist, and sophrologist.

- Read about her book, Tout nucléaire, une exception française, (which is unfortunately only avalaible in French), (1,5 €). It is very dense, yet easy to read, and includes comics from Tignous. The preface is written by Rosalie Bertell, Alternative Nobel Prize 1986. She is looking for editors abroad to distribute it once it has been translated.

- France, poubelle nucléaire, the preface is written by Dany Cohn-Bendit.

- La bataille du logiciel libre, ed. La découverte.

- SPIP, ed. Micro Application.

She is a journalist, specialising in technology, ecology, the environment and energy. She reports for radios and magazines...

She is a Master in low (politic administration).

She is used to doing drafting-translations-technical corrections (shareware, user instructions, help, etc.) from English, Portugues or Spanish into French.

She builts and takes care of your website.

She wrote a CNAM (Paris) thesis on Goiania’s accident (Brazil, 1987).

She broadcasted for 12 years a weekly program, Microclimat, on Radio Libertaire 89,4 FM in Paris.

She offers hundreds of links with nuke informations, free of charge.

She invites you to link this website ( to yours and to write to her.


Any technical topic aimed at a large public audience is her specialty. Whatever the kind of techniques, public interest and level, Perline, can create, correct and check technical interfaces in French : sharewares, instructions, help, explanations...

Few examples of media collaborations, see the French CV.

Perline builts your website

Depending on who you are and what you like, Perline prepares a structure and a presentation of your website, with your collaboration. Just have a look to Alain Lipietz websites, economist and deputy (whose she is attachée parlementaire, at the European Parliament, Green, and was its cybercampaign director) at - Alima Boumediene-Thiery, sénatrice (Verts), Hélène Lipietz, sénatrice (écologiste),
website, or at Lead Campaign in Friends of Earth France, the association Gestuelle d’Or riant, (and more)...

If you want :

- she take care of referencing you website,
- she checks your external links,
- she takes cares of the renewal of you website.

Rédaction-translation-technical correction in French (shareware, directions for use, etc.)

When you create software, or any technical material, in order to sell them in France, they must be written in French in compliance with French law. For technical products it is even more important, as you can imagine !

Perline is also an analyst-programmer, so techniques are her field. Having twice competied in the spelling championship of French language up to the semi-finals, she proposes to write, whether totally or partially (depending on your needs) you user directions, help or any basic text, or to check it.

From English, Portugues or Spanish to French.

Any written level is possible :

From the inititial drafting : catching the machine, the software, etc. and complete user instructions in French.

To last check of grammar and spelling in French.


Perline is a sophrologist.

Look at her book "on cahier de sophrologie".


Perline is a Funeral councillor.